Thursday, July 24, 2008

Portland, OR

It's always sad when a vacation ends. The weeks you spend hyping yourself for vacation, then the carefree attitude one adopts during makes it tough to return back to the daily grind.....and the one hundred degree heat. That said, I'm back.
First off, major thanks to Blake for taking time off for it, and then for putting up with me for a week. Also to Sarah and Adrienne for putting up with me, and the fake Matt Hasselbeck for the picture.
But ya, Portland was great. It's really a great city. I've always loved Seattle, but imo Portland blows it away. It's all so walkable and full of cool independent shops and restaurants. And the beer, good god, the was fantastic. The food too. Somehow the city manages to make Chicken Fried Steak into breakfast (and it was spectacular!) and Mac & Cheese into dinner (also spectacular). There were great record stores, great bookstores, and not a fucking Wal-Mart or Target in sight (they're all outside the city. how cool is that?).
The weather was great. Mornings were cool and even in the afternoon when the sun broke the clouds it was warm but never hot, especially in the Texas sense of hot. Second day I was there we grabbed breakfast and then went to St. Johns for some disc golf....beautiful course, great was exactly what I needed. Then we grabbed a sandwich and tea at an outdoor cafe and played cribbage, then go home and read for a bit before hitting up the bars for happy hour food/drink specials. That was pretty much everyday, with only the activities and the places we went changing.
There aren't a whole ton of pictures, but there are a few and I will upload them when Sarah sends them to me. I don't know why you'd want to see my vacation photos, imo there's not a bigger beating in the world than someone showing off their vacation photos (except maybe wedding photos.....), but apparently some people like to do that sort of thing. We did make it a great mountain vantage point to watch sunset on the Columbia river, which was quite awesome, and then hit up a waterfall. But other than that excursion to the outdoors, and our afternoon hitting up wineries/vineyards in rural oregon, most of the trip was just spent inside the city, enjoying the clean air and great weather.
All in all, it was a great vacation, and a lot of fun. So ya, rock.

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