Wednesday, May 28, 2008

05 September 2008

05 September 2008
It's been ages since I am as giddy as I am at this very moment. Recently released were some of the Mudhoney tourdates, and amongst them is:
September, 5 2008 at Granada Theater 3524 Greenville Ave, Dallas, Texas Cost : $15
Supported by Record Hop and Melba Toast
I somehow just got around to reading the dates, on account of mostly not expecting Mudhoney come to Dallas since it has been some 7 years since their last stop here and I'd expected I would never get to see them again outside of the trip this summer to Seattle/Portland I had been planning.
But no, we get Mudhoney **AND** Record Hop mere (several) blocks away from my house, in just a few months. T-Bone and Ivan were both with me that fateful night the last time the Mudd (and that was before the jeans, so suck it jean manufacturer) came to town......and they can attest to the drunken-ness.
The point being, BE THERE!!! Come see Mudhoney with me, trust's a show you won't want to miss. There will be a pre and post party at my house, I can announce that today with no hesitation. This is my favorite band ever....and yes, you *can* laugh at that.
I am so fucking stoked. Only thing that could make this show better would be Trail of the Dead or Sunny Day opening......

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