Tuesday, May 13, 2008

On Stars And Domestic Violence

Wow, what a strange night. But let me go back a little further to set up the story.
Last week after the Stars riveting (make no mistake, it was excellent theatre) Alex called me about 2:30am to tell me that tickets were still available for the Western Conference Finals at stars.com, and to see if I wanted to go. These were face value, so we bought a couple of the $60 tickets (third level, corner). Been stoked ever since for this game.
On a seemingly unrelated note, and as I mentioned previously, last Saturday night I was enjoying some wine and a smoke on the patio when I heard the neighbors across the street shouting quite loudly and arguing. I used my discretion and didn't call the cops, as it didn't sound violent...more like the drunken spats we've all had with lovers.
Which leads us to last night. Alex was late getting here (damn you!) and so we missed our train to the AAC and missed the beginning of the game, but still saw a lot of great hockey. As an aside, I don't think I will ever drive to the AAC again...the DART rail is definately the way to go. $1.50 versus $8-30 parking, no traffic, and it drops you off right in front of the arena. I couldn't have been more pleased with that experience.
Before we board the train, we decided we're going to see a game Chris Morris style, which means smuggling in whisky. So I played the role of Han Solo (only famous smuggler I can think of) and we taped the bottle of whiskey to my back, and we somehow got through security without them noticing the slight bulge in my lower back, we get inside, I have to de-tape myself in a bathroom stall, we get a couple huge cokes and go to town.
The game was AWESOME. I hate to admit that it's the first hockey game I've ever seen live (atleast that Harold wasn't playing in), because the game is so, so much better live than it is on television. Hockey is without a doubt a fantastic live sport. Consider me officially converted. A couple beers, half a bottle of whiskey, and a child size french fry (that so hit the spot Alex) later, we were commiserating a Stars loss and back on the train home.
So we get back to my place, and as soon as we get out of the car we can hear the aforementioned neighbors going at it again. This time with windows open, so it's audible for the entire neighborhood to see. We go upstairs, open a bottle of wine (as if that was at all needed on a worknight, but i digress), and enjoy the drama on our patio (as did our neighbors with patios). After 30m or so the argument starts to get more heated, shit is being broken, and some neighbors from the tony townhomes a few blocks away walk down the street, see us up on the patio, and ask if we've called the cops. We tell them not yet, but if it gets worse we will.
Then, you hear the slap. Fucker hits her, so we call the cops....they call the cops, and I found out today cute nextdoor neighbor did as well. As we wait for the cops, all hell breaks loose in there. When the officer arrives, as soon as he gets out of the car he hears them shouting and a window break (turns out they broke 3 windows), and he radios for backup. Within ten more minutes, there are 6 police cars, an ambulance, a dozen cops, and a couple paramedics in front of my house. The couple, realizing the cops are there, pretend like they're asleep until the cops say they're going to knock the door down....then dude opens door, has two guns pulled on him, and is arrested in the grass in front of his house. At this point T-bone has decided to join us on the patio.
Anyway, dude gets arrested, woman doesn't want to cooperate (stupid bitch), refuses medical treatment, and at one point locks the cops out of her house. Takes the cops almost two hours to get statements, take pictures, etc. and then finally her son shows up and takes her somewhere else. Towards the end the cop is joking with us that we had great seats and it was a hell of a show (it was, i will guiltfully admit).
I think it's the first time I've ever seen an episode of COPS virtually re-created right in front of my eyes. I mean we were 20ft from all this (the street is a narrow one way, and they're directly across the street).....it was quite an experience.
Last night was quite an experience on the whole, and a blast all the way around. I'd do it all again despite the hangover I had all day today at work (I still blame you, Alex).

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