Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Quick Glance At The Newspaper

Ok not the actual newspaper, which if you've been keeping up, has seen a rapid and marked decline in subscriptions due to some fancy new thing called teh intertubes. Hell, they raised the price of a daily paper to $0.75 which I could rant about, but ehhhh........
Instead, the newspaper in common vernacular has become synonymous with news websites, and it is from there that I bring you a couple stories that have caught my eye in the last few days.
First, from Hartford, CT. we have the story of a hit and run in which a 78 year old man is struck by a car, and then lies in the street bleeding for several minutes as cars drive around him and pedestrians gawk and do nothing. In fact, it was by sheer accident that a cop responding to another call stumbled upon it and actually, you know, got out of his car. You can see video of it here. It's really a pretty shitty story. People are going to claim that they're too busy to stop, or they're afraid of getting sued, or whatever (nevermind that no one even called police).....but in reality, this is just yet another piece of evidence to support my hypothesis that people are shitty. Which isn't to say that good people don't exist, just that the vast majority are self-obsessed assholes.
Part of why this caught my attention though, is my own having done something similarly shitty. A couple weekends ago I was driving down I-35 near Mockingbird when she SUV in front of me started to swerve, then ran off the road and hit a sign, then swerved back onto the road before flipping over and sliding to a was a pretty grizzly and violent wreck. I immediately pick up the phone and call police to notify them, but after I hang up I catch myself....why didn't I stop? It somehow didn't even dawn on me to stop and offer aid until I was a mile or so down the freeway. I mean, what kind of an asshole am I that I don't even *think* about stopping? So I turn around and go back to the scene and by then there are a half dozen people there, at which point I figure I would just make it too many cooks in a crowded kitchen. But I felt a little guilty that I didn't just instinctively pull over and render aid.
The second story has to do with two lesbians (one apparently hot) making out at a baseball game in Seattle. The ladies claim they were just pecking each other occasionally and actually eating garlic fries, the complaining bystanders claimed they were mugging down and groping each other. I tend to side with the former on account of the general displeasure the type of person that would complain about lesbians kissing most likely has towards them in the first place.
In short though, these two lesbians are eating garlic fries and kissing in some manner when a few other people in the stands (not surprisingly women, hehe) complain to the usher that it's inappropriate. Usher has to confront the women (presumably very uncomfortably) and ask that they desist, at which point they decide their 15m of fame has arrived and call the press to claim they were discriminated against. They weren't actually removed from the game, which in many ways makes this a non-story, but the gay community (in much the way the every minority "community" does) has decided to run with the story and use it as an example of the blatant hate they fight everyday of their lives....or whatever the party line is right now. **(I should clarify, I'm not playing down or belittling the persecution gay people have to endure at various times and places, I just don't think this story is a good example of it, in much the same way I don't think the crap John Wiley Price does is a good example of the racism the black man has to endure. Understand?)**
The person I feel most victimized in this story, is that poor usher...I mean wtf is that guy supposed to do? I don't begrudge these women (and it would be the same if it were men) their right to kiss in public, especially with the prevalance of "kiss cams" at baseball games these days. That said, these women know that their actions (and lifestyle) do offend some can call them backwards, idiotic, redneck, can call them whatever, but these people don't have their gay lifestyle pennants out. And much like these women have every right in the world to kiss, the other people have every right in the world to bitch about it.
Likewise, the usher and the Baseball Club in general have some sort of obligation to respond to complaints. It's not as though the usher came down because he wanted to, he came down because he was responding to a complaint. He handled it as diplomatically as possible, and in the end, I really don't see the story here...other than it's a platform for the gay rights folks to advance their agenda (which is good i guess).

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