Wednesday, October 1, 2008


The following is the letter which I both e-mailed and literally wrote and mailed to my congressman. Knowing that the Senate was going to rubberstamp this thing, I didn't see much point in sending one to Hutchinson or Cornyn. Anyway, thought I'd share;

Dear Rep. Johnson,

As a constituent of yours, I felt it necessary to alert you to mysevere disdain for the $700b bailout package being debated in congress, and urge you to vote against it.

Like most responsible Americans, I did not take out a loan in excess of my means, or attempt to purchase a house outside my means. Furthermore I am well aware that the stock market is a risky proposition and while much of my savingsare tied up in stocks and my 401k plan, I am willing to take the short term hit to improve the long term health of the American economy. It's going to get worse before it get's better, I understand and accept that.

I find it extraordinarily disturbing that the American government hasseen it fit to even consider this package, one that further erodes at the free market and once again bails out the haves on Wall St. in the face of the rest of America that is already struggling in this economic recession. The estimated $2,300 cost per every man, woman, and child in the United States tied into this bill is simply unacceptable.

This may or may not turn into a crisis, but it needs to be a crisisthat resolves itself and not one that is again patched with a band-aid solution only to re-appear months or years down the road with taxpayers already holding the bag. I implore you, please do not vote for this bill, and please convince your colleagues to join you in voting against it.

It's not only prohibitively expensive, but it is recklesslyirresonposible.

Sincerely, M.A. Gunter

And that's all you're going to get out of me tonight. After 9 hours of holiday meetings at the office today, I'm going to enjoy a glass of Scotch and an hour of Warhammer Online and then sleep.

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Paul McEnany said...

playing with fire, dude...