Monday, August 11, 2008


As a general rule of thumb I, like most people prefer not to go out on Sunday nights. And if my complete lack of semblance to anything productive today is any sort of indicator, that's a rule I should probably maintain in the future. Last night though, it was a rule I broke. A night that began as, "oh? it's Emily's birthday? Sure, I will join you for dinner." quickly devolved into a Sunday night bar crawl. I mean sure I managed to scam a few free drinks for myself, and it's awesome that Chairman Mao was driving, but when your neighbors ask how your night was, with that menacing intonation that you were obviously under the influence, the next day.....well, you know that it was a bad idea. Granted, a really fun bad idea.
At this point, I'm sure you're asking yourself, why is it that I care exactly? I mean, so you tied one on last night, what else is new? A fair question, no doubt, and one I would undoubtedly be asking as well. And if you don't live in D/FW I can't really give you a reason to care. However, if you do, I have one reason:
You see, after the Old Monk, as we're driving to Cosmo's I see the sign for Barcadia, a bar I'd read about in Quick (I hate the dumbed down news in Quick, but the rag is great for telling you where there are drink specials), so I ask Ivan to pull over, and it just so happens we run into Colton and Karen as they are going in there as well. So we hit up Barcadia.
Such a cool freaking bar. I mean as far as bars go it's pretty standard, there are tables and chairs and a bar that dispenses alcohol. The decor isn't even terribly unique (although I did like the pin up posters). But what they do have, is two walls lined with 1980's arcade cabinets that cost just a quarter a piece. So with your G&T or your Harp, you can also get a handful of quarters and go play Skee-ball, Star Wars, Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros, Dig Dug, Gallaga, Pac-Man and another dozen or so relics of our collectively mispent youth. I did QQ a little that they didn't have a tabletop Donkey Kong (and then I pondered what happened to the one that used to be Karma in Denton), but seriously, how freaking cool is that?
Cheap drinks, and instead of listening to some half-ass Journey cover band that the bar passes off as entertainment, you can grab a drink and some quarters and re-live your childhood, except this time through a nice alcohol-induced haze. So ya, if you're ever looking for a new bar....give it a try.

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