Friday, August 22, 2008


I know we've all had them, but today was just one of those days. You know, those days. A quick timeline, if you will indulge me;
7:30a: A call from the office hits my voicemail, informing me that 18 cases of mine had been rejected by an account. I assume they've got the wrong salesman since I sent nothing. You know, since they're doing inventory today.
8:00a: A call from my district manager informing me that I have approximately 20 cases of product shipping to said account today, and that I need to be there to build the display. Oh wow, that explains that.
8:01a: I call my direct superior asking him wtf is going on. He said it was just sprung on them, someone dropped the ball and forget to inform an entire sales force and their management that 20 cases were auto-shipping.
8:02a: I curse the day.
10:30a: I get to said account. I get chewed out by the reciever whom says they will continue to cut the cases if they get re-shipped. I then get chewed out by the store director asking me why the fuck would I try and send 20 cases they don't need on their inventory day.
10:31a: I explain to said store director that I didn't know they were coming, and had literally just found out after they'd already been cut. He says he got the memo on them from corporate, but doesn't want them despite their being a mandatory program, and to come back and see him tomorrow. I explain that they're going to automatically re-ship and that it's going to cost me $20 off my paycheck if he doesn't take them, he tells me it depends on his mood in the morning.
11:30a: Get to a couple account near South Dallas on Lamar, orders are terribly small. Get reminded by the buyer that they would be larger if we hadn't lost The Wine Group as a supplier. I /facepalm as I cringe again at the money that's costing me, needing no reminder.
12:00p: Lunch. It's good.
4:00p: Get home, decide it's time to deal with the boxes and boxes of crap from my childhood and teenage years my father decided to dump on me due to his remodeling. Sort through them.
5:30p: Realize it's gotten strangely warmer. Then realize the A/C isn't working. Awesome, just awesome.
7:30p: A/C still isn't working. It's really fucking hot.
9:00p: This week's episode of Burn Notice comes on. Sure it's hot, but it's a good episode.
10:01p: Burn Notice is over, and somehow it keeps getting hotter. Outside is nice, inside is miserable.
11:15p: My computer has crashed thrice during the last hour due to over-heating in the gfx card. TF2 is ruined for the night.
11:45p: I realize my only sanctuary is on the patio with the fan on, get a 6-pack of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale to entertain me along with cellphone internet.
And there you have it, one shitty day. Although here we are at 2am and the A/C is finally working again, so bed has me in it's grips.

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