Monday, August 4, 2008

Sometimes, You See, I'm Wrong

Sometimes, you see, I’m wrong...
I'm the first to admit that I can be wrong. You see, personal responsibility is a goes both ways. Me being wrong? That's a fairly common occurence. In regards to this blog entry I feel as though I must redact myself. I've been trying to avoid doing so for a few weeks/months now, but tonight I was called out....again...and by this douche. And even my own brother.
So yes, maybe 23 April was a *little* early to call out the Rangers. Maybe it was a little early to be so angry. Maybe, as it's turned out, they aren't actually quite that bad. Ya, they're in the Wildcard Race, and yes.....they're 5 games over .500. I've been as riveted by the offense, and the walk-off/come from behind wins as all of you. I've been watching, just like should know, you get my text messages.
In short, you're right, they're not that bad. I cry, "uncle!" I give up.
They're still the worst franchise in professional sports, with the Clippers as their sole competitors. And during that first month, they were absolutely those regards I was right. But I've got to admit, I didn't think in a million years that POS team would morph into this one, which has been a joy to watch.
In other (sports) news, last night was the first professional football game of the season. Sure it was a scrimmage, and yes it was full of spares, but it marks not only the end of the off-season, but also the beginning of the best part of the year....for the next 25 Sundays there will be NFL football on television. God Bless America.
Ya, this entry was very sports-centric. I try to keep them few and far between, and again, you have a back button on your browser. And there's a really good episode of Mythbusters on.

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