Monday, August 11, 2008

Oh, and a few more things....

Just a few more things.....
1) Congratulations to my brother for graduating from UNT this past weekend. Way to go, now go get a job.
2) I'd mentioned in a previous blog that it's nearing 10 years since I first saw the Flametrick Subs....I think that was like 3 shows ago. That said, the show Friday in Denton was awesome. Boiler Room was packed, the show was great, the crowd was into it, and they played 'Tijuana Cat Toss' at my request, which was made even more awesome by Bubbles looking at me halfway through the song and asking, "does this ever get good? this is taking forever." Whatever dude, I loved it.
3) Besides the bad joke that LSU hired Russia to invade Georgia so they could lock up the SEC early, which only this guy even gets, this whole Russian conflict thing is pretty interesting stuff. It takes balls to time your invasion with the Olympics, but Russia has been waiting patiently, like a passive-aggressive lover, for years to get back at the US for how we reognized Kosovo's independence. And with Bush leaving office and two other wars ongoing, Putin knows we are nothing but a paper tiger at the moment. I'm really curious to see how this is all going to shake out. It's already better drama than the Olympics.
4) Speaking of the Olympics, is there any television event that is more marketed towards women? Gymnastics is considered primetime programming? Seriously? And in the winter it's Ice Skating. I'll pass.

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