Friday, August 22, 2008

Booze Of The Week - Geyser Peak Sauvignon Blanc

So as part of expanding my blog from it's myspace beginnings to the intertubes at large, I wanted to debut a weekly column that would highlight my professional expertise. So every week I will post a new item, be it beer, wine, or spirits that I'd like to suggest you give a try. If you've had it, please let me know what you thought....and if you haven't, well why not pick it up, give it sip, and them let me know what you think.

Much like good food, part of the joy of good drink is discussing and sharing it with friends. And since it's part of my chosen career to try new things, I felt it would be appropriate to then share the best with you, dear reader. So without further adieu, this week's Booze Of The Week is Geyser Peak Sauvignon Blanc

Geyser Peak Sauvignon Blanc is one of my favorite summer wines. While some middle-tier Sauvignon Blancs tend towards a more round and fruity style, this one maintains a very nice crisp citrus taste that finishes nicely, not evaporating in your mouth within seconds, but instead lingering so you get to truely experience it. And the best part? It generally retails right around $9.99, the juice most certainly outperforms it's price point and is a great value.

I think it's a fantastic pre-meal wine, opening up your taste buds for the meal ahead. That said, it also pairs very well with a meal, especially seafood. The lemon, lime, and gooseberry flavors blend seemlessly with sushi, fish, shrimp, and scallops. And while most people would go with a Riesling for spicy food, I've had this Sauvignon Blanc with Vietnamese food a couple times and it's a perfect compliment-it's heaven with a spicy shrimp imperial roll.

It's from the California Appellation and the winemaker is Mick Schroeter. And while Geyser Peak also makes a very nice Cabernet Sauvignon (their 2003 vintage especially was fantastic) and a nice Meritage, the Sauvignon Blanc is the best known of their wines, and for good reason. Nicely chilled, it's an absolute delight. So grab yourself a bottle, and let me know what you think-I think you'll love it.

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make sure to tell them to buy it in one of your stores so you can reap the reward of the shameless product placement.