Tuesday, September 16, 2008

And Here I Thought Nobody Read This

But apparently the promo people for Newcastle do........

Or else they just spend every morning doing a google or icerocket search regarding their product. Regardless, with Newcastle last week's selection for Booze Of The Week, I got this today;

Hi Matthew,

I work with Newcastle Brown Ale and we’re glad you chose NBA as your blog’s “Booze of the Week.” Although we do love it year-round we agree that it’s a great fall weather beer. Since you also write about music we thought you might be interested in NBA’s latest news: Newcastle Brown Ale is offering music fans the chance to go to the Glastonbury Music Festival in England – free! I’ve included the official announcement below. I hope you’ll include this in an upcoming article or round-up. If you’d like more info, please let me know.

Cheers, Kat Kirsch

I won't waste your time with the press release they attached, the gist of it being that they're doing a contest to win an all expenses paid trip to the Glastonbury Music Festival, with the 10 runner ups getting a pretty bad-ass guitar which would probably be much more impressive if I actually played guitar. Anyway you enter by mailing in an entry form found at grocery stores.

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