Monday, September 29, 2008

Ocean's 12

There's this part of Ocean's 12 (prequel to Ocean's 13, sequel to Ocean's 11) where the crew is planning a heist of this extroardinarialy rich man. He's got this extraordinary collection of rare historical and art pieces, but he's an OCD shut-in with absurd security measures to protect his stuff and no designs on ever leaving the house. I often think to that, and then think that if I were a professional athlete (which I'm most assuredly not) I might consider that approach.

I mean, consider Pac-Man and his various scrapes with the law. I'm not excusing the guy, but if I were a millionaire celebrity I highly doubt my experience at strip clubs would be like it has been. But that's not the point. The real reason I bring that up is this;

Jackonsville Jaguars offensive tackle Richard Collier , shot while sitting
in a car outside an apartment complex earlier this month, is paralyzed below the
waist and his left leg was amputated, his doctor said Monday. Collier was on a
ventilator for about three weeks and has no memory of the shooting, said Dr.
Andy Kerwin, a surgeon for the University of Florida at Shands Jacksonville

"His overall condition has improved greatly," Kerwin said. "We expect him to be discharged soon."Kerwin said Collier suffered 14 bullet
wounds to the back, left groin, left legs and right buttock. In addition, a
bullet severed his spinal cord, causing the paralysis. The amputation was the
result of damage to his left leg and groin, where blood clots formed. Five
bullets alone were removed from his urinary bladder and the 26-year-old player
also had bouts of pneumonia, infections and renal failure.

I am sure there are other circumstances at play. I am sure there's a lot more to this story. But can you imagine being a 25 year old man playing in the NFL-in line for your millions-a physical specimen and a rare talent, and have it all taken away?

Furthermore, can you imagine that same incident taking not just the use of your legs, but also a leg proper? It's just a sad story.

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