Monday, September 1, 2008

Well Atleast He Got A Photo-Op

I could hear the frothing at the mouth from here. The GOP was just a seventy miles from having one of the greatest PR oppurtunities ever drop right in their lap. Can you imagine, the Republican National Convention airing on every major network not as a political masturbation session, but instead as a high profile telethon to raise money for victims of hurricane Gustav? John McCain knee deep in water doing photo-ops providing aid, George Bush butchering what on paper was probably a moving speech, and the Republican Party looking like a party of charity and caring. Can you imagine the heartstrings Palin could have pulled with her womanly touch? Sadly, for them, it wasn't to be.

Instead McCain gets a couple photo-ops that will be forgotten and news of the hurricane is overshadowed by the fact that the VP candidate's 17 year old daughter (no word yet on if she's hot) is 5mos pregnant with a bastard child. But fret not right wingers, she's going to keep it (there, let the sigh of relief out). Oh, and she's going to marry the bastard's father. Now that's family values. What a happy story, now I totally understand why we don't need abstinence education in schools.

I guess that's all sort of burying what's really important. Despite the idiocy of, you know, choosing to live in a hurricane zone, it is nice to hear that apparently the death and destruction wrought by Gustav (what a great hurricane name!) will be minimal. Unless the storm drops a lot of rain upstream that then rushes down the Mississippi and it's tributaries and breaks them, the levees appear that they will hold. Whaddya know, George W. Bush did something right :p

That's all you're going to get out of me today. I've got more college football to watch, as it's only halftime of Tennessee @ UCLA, and that game could put me close to tripling my money on the first weekend of NCAA football, despite that Clemson fiasco. It's the little things in life......

Oh, have I mentioned lately that Mudhoney is playing in Dallas friday at the Granada? First show here in six years? And yes, I am that stoked. It shall be a glorious evening. Let me know if you're going to be there, there shall be some (not so) mild pre and post show drinking. After all, Mudhoney is best consumed with alcohol.

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