Friday, September 26, 2008

What I Wouldn't Give For A Tivo Brain Implant

I'm not gonna lie, Warhammer Online is most assuredly a part of why I've been conspicuously absent from blogging the past few days. So to has work, with a couple of unexpected things coming up and some more on the horizon for next week, but the work excuse is boring-it's much easier to blame it on Warhammer.

But also factoring into the mix, is television. Over the past few weeks some of our favorite shows have returned, but this was the big week where everything returned and the new shows debuted. So needless to say, the Tivo has been working doubletime to record everything as needed and provide it to me commercial free during non-primetime hours.

Let me start off by saying do yourself a favor, get into Sons of Anarchy on FX. It's brilliant, it's great, and wildly entertaining. As I mentioned in this entry when I was previewing the Fall TV lineup, it reminds me a lot of Oz, without the carte blanche HBO had for violence, sex, and swearing. And while I wasn't sold on the first episode, after three episodes I'm totally on board. And it seems I'm not the only one. It's not too late, this wednesday is just episode four and FX re-runs everything into the ground. Get on board, it's freaking great.

Speaking of great, last night's season premiere of The Office was fucking hilarious. There has been the occasional dud of an episode, and last night was certainly not one of them. I wasn't positive they could make this hour long episode thing work, but they have. Those writers need to get a raise, because I haven't laughed that hard in ages. It was awesome. Jim and Pam finally got engaged, Angela's cheating on Toby with Dwight, and Michael in fatsuit doing that character is hilarious.

ER returned as well. I can't believe they killed off Dr. Pratt. I really liked that character, and while I've long been an ER fan I think even I am ready for the show to finally end. They've killed off so many good characters over the years, it just gets tiring. Couldn't they just keep killing off secondary characters like that Army reservist doctor (Dr. Gallant?) who died in Iraq and Dr. Romano instead of Dr. Green and Ray?

All that, and I've still got to get through this week's episodes of Fringe, My Name Is Earl, and Heroes. Life's rough, huh?

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Southwick said...

..ER really?

P still watch this?
Aliens haven't invaded the show and turned people inside out, implanting their larval young into the human belly. I was pretty sure that's where the show would go in its attempts to one up previous ridiculous huge accident scenarios.

On that note I would like to check out Sons of Anarchy. Too bad you don't have HBO, I am really enjoying True Blood, no matter how hokey it gets.