Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Thompson Speech

I hate that this blog is getting so political. Really, I do-but there's just not really a whole lot else interesting going on right now. And while politics often does beat me to death, I've always been fascinated by Presidential election season. The way those of us interested in politics often cease to be rational human being and instead become totally irrational idealogical zealots that foam at the mouth whilst attacking our ideological adversaries. I try to keep this to a minimum (although Bush has made it really, really difficult), but I see it all around me. Hey, atleast it makes things interesting-and after the election everyone has to apologize to each other as the ideological fog lifts and they realize that they were being an asshole, which is also quite entertaining.

So, here I am watching the Fred Thompson speech. It was a good speech, a great speech. If you'll indulge me, I'd like to comment on a few of the points he made.

-First off, the biggest applauses of the night came when he made pro-life statements. It never ceases to amaze me, but I really think that most of the people that go to the RNC-and to most of the party's base-that really is the biggest issue. That's it. They don't care about taxes, defense, whatever-all they really care about is abortion. Which isn't to say liberals aren't generally passionate about being pro-choice, it's just that doesn't seem to be the only issue that really matters.

-I really have a hard time finding a Republican denouncing bureaucracy credible. George W. Bush has got to have overseen the largest growth in American bureaucracy since LBJ, if not Franklin Roosevelt. I understand anti-bureaucracy was once a Republican platform, but I think that ship has sailed.

-Likewise, I really have a hard time finding a Republican denouncing rampant spending after the past eight years. Again, I know on paper it's a Republican platform-but come on, you can't pretend that the debt hasn't ballooned.

-I love, I really do, that McCain has continued to be so against pork barrel spending and congressional earmarks. In fact, to me, that was the best point Thompson made about him. If John McCain would really eliminate pork barrel spending, well then he would be a fantastic President. The thing is, does anyone really believe he will do it?

-Ok, not to be petty, but how is it Democrats are so, so much better looking on average than Republicans? If you compare the audience of the two conventions, it's just night and day. On the same note, the RNC has far fewer visual pleasantries than the DNC did. The arena is bland and other than the projector behind the dais the RNC appears oblivious to 21st century technology. Other than being broadcast in HD, it looks like the 1984 RNC. I know it's not really relevant, just saying....

-I'm a little surprised that the GOP is still pushing the inexperience angle against McCain, I really thought they'd abandon that after making Palin the VP nominee. I really think that could backfire if they keep pushing it.

-Ok, small note on the Lieberman speech. The applause Lieberman expected when he mentioned that John McCain was going to do something about global warming? Well, let's just say it never happened. Funny stuff, as Lieberman is definately using the Democratic buzzwords to talk up McCain. Oh Jesus, now he's praising Clinton? What the fuck is Lieberman thinking? And that applause was even smaller.

-I wish they were televising Ron Paul's quasi-convention from tonight. I'd actually like to watch that.

-Tee hee, you can tell it's a network with a possible liberal slant (ABC at the moment) when they break away from the Lieberman speech to show footage of the police tear gassing protestors outside the RNC.

-Ok, seriously, we get it.....McCain was a POW. He's a veteran. We get it.

Now, time for some TF2. Cheers.

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